Success Stories

Driving Client Success Through Digital Marketing Innovation

Driving New Patient Growth in a Pediatric Care Practice

New patient growth at the various locations of a pediatric practice in Portland, Oregon had been a mixed bag for several years. The company needed to maximize new patient potential without adding more labor in the short term. Pineapple Digital developed and implemented a digital marketing plan with paid search and social media display ads and strategic SEO – and delivered double-digit new patient growth in less than year.

Promoting Growth, Improving Visibility & Increasing Leads

Beanstack is a company that offers a comprehensive reading motivation platform. Their number one goal as a company was growth and they aimed to increase leads and visibility for their site. With the help of Pineapple Digital, Beanstack was able to grow website traffic exponentially year over year, increase sales leads overall, and boost visibility online.

Gaining Ground as a Trusted Healthcare Partner

The Center for Orthopedics & Neurosurgical Care & Research in Bend, Oregon needed their website to rank higher in Google search and attract more organic traffic to compete with other orthopedic groups in the region. They presented Pineapple Digital with the ultimate challenge; to be No. 1 in all orthopedic search terms with regional domination of orthopedic resource information. Find out how we did it.

Building Brand Awareness & Improving Engagement

Advocates for Life Skills and Opportunities (ALSO), a statewide nonprofit organization in Oregon, sought to increase brand awareness, boost website traffic, improve online engagement, and drive job applications. After partnering with Pineapple Digital, they have become an authority in their industry, seen higher engagement rates, and generated a greater number of job applications.

Driving Sales with Smart SEO Strategies and YouTube Content

The RV solar energy system industry was enjoying high search volume with people looking for DIY solar installations for their RVs and sprinter vans — a great opportunity for AM Solar to improve their online sales. YouTube presented another way for AM Solar to drive web traffic and sales with extensive “how-to” videos. They turned to Pineapple Digital to put together a comprehensive strategy to drive website traffic through SEO and YouTube. In two years, monthly web traffic exploded and online sales grew exponentially.

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