Customer Journey Analysis

Discover What Makes Your Website Visitors Tick — and Click

What is a Customer Journey Analysis? 

A customer journey analysis is like mapping out a road trip for someone planning their next vacation. Imagine you’re trying to figure out the best possible route and experiences for a friend who’s visiting a destination you know well. You offer recommendations on where they might want to stop first, places they should visit along the way, and what might make their trip even better.

Similarly, in a customer journey analysis, we look closely at the path your customers take from the moment they enter your website all the way to making a purchase and even beyond. This analysis helps us understand what your customers are doing on your website at each step along the conversion path, what content they engage with, what frustrates them, and what motivates them to purchase or act.

By understanding their behavior, we can formulate hypotheses and develop strategies to make the website experience better and move them more easily toward conversions, much like ensuring your friend has the best vacation ever.


Our Process

We use several digital tools in the process to analyze visitor behavior on your website. Let’s break down the steps as if we’re guiding a customer through a brick-and-mortar store—from the moment they step through the front door to the point when they make a purchase.

1. Entering the Store
(Landing Page Analysis)

Just like the entrance of a store makes the first impression, the landing page is the first thing a customer sees when they visit your website. We evaluate the page for how well it welcomes users and guides them to action. Does it effectively invite customers in and clearly show them where to find what they need? Or do they seem confused and leave quickly?

4. Trying Things Out (Interactive Elements)

If your website includes interactive features like forms, surveys or calculators, think of these as product demos in a store. We analyze how visitors engage with each of these elements. Are they filling out and submitting forms, using calculators, or participating in other interactive content easily and successfully? Or are they getting frustrated and bouncing from your website?

2. Walking the Aisles (Navigation Analysis)

Imagine how a shopper navigates the aisles of a store. Our next step is to analyze how visitors move through different sections of your website. Are the paths (links and menus) intuitive and helpful? Do customers find their way easily to the products or information they’re looking for, or do they end up lost and frustrated?

5. Heading to Checkout (Conversion)

This is like watching a customer head to the cash register with their cart full of merchandise. We examine how many visitors complete the action you want them to take—whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper. We measure how effectively your website converts browsing into sales or leads.

3. Examining the Products (Content Engagement)

As shoppers stop to look at products on shelves, we observe how visitors interact with the content on your website. Which pages, videos, or product or service descriptions draw their attention? Which do they ignore? This helps us understand what interests customers and what content needs to be created.

6. Post-Purchase Experience (Post-Visit Analysis)

After a purchase, stores with good customer service often follow up with a thank you note, a satisfaction survey, or an invitation to return. We’ll look at how customers react to follow-up emails and how they review their experience with your business. This provides insights into what we can improve on for their next visit.

Website Conversion Optimization

After all the analysis is completed, we formulate hypotheses and develop strategies for improving your website to increase conversions. These strategies may include:

  • Streamlining the website’s navigation
  • Improving responsive design for mobile
  • Creating new landing pages with high-quality content
  • Curating content by topic clusters on main pillar pages
  • Simplifying forms and interactive features
  • Conducting A/B testing of different homepage versions

By guiding visitors seamlessly through each step of the customer journey, we make their website experience enjoyable and effective, increasing the likelihood they’ll make a purchase and return in the future.


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