Leveraging Data to Test, Measure and Refine Successful SEO Strategies



System Surveyor, a B2B cloud-based platform for site surveys and security system design in the physical security industry was looking to significantly increase awareness, website traffic and free trial conversions for their software. They turned to Pineapple Digital for a robust SEO and paid search campaign designed to expand their momentum, generate qualified leads and grow their business.


Back in 2022, at the initiation of the engagement, System Surveyor was carving out a new category and there was somewhat limited search volume on the topic. The team had to look at innovative ways to educate the market and to own important, high quality keyword terms. Pineapple Digital developed and implemented a multi-pronged SEO and paid media approach with the goals of 1) increasing qualified traffic to the website and, 2) boosting free trial conversions. As time went on, we adjusted as the traffic volume steadily increased.


  • Keyword and Competitive Research: Analyzed competitors and related terms for their keywords and content to determine gaps that we could overcome. Researched and developed a target list of keywords to track through implementation of SEO strategies.
  • URL Structure and Meta Data: Implemented a new site structure with updated meta titles and descriptions for target keywords. 
  • On-Page Optimizations: Optimized all webpage content for target keywords, along with older blog posts and YouTube videos.
  • Blog Posts and Unique Content: Developed highly engaging blog posts and other relevant content based on search and optimized for important keywords.

Google Search Ads: 

  • Ad Development: Launched a series of paid search ads based on the top performing keywords.
  • A/B Testing: Continuously tested ad copy and landing page versions to maximize free trial conversions.

Customer Journey Analysis: Several analytical tools were applied to the website to better understand what content users engaged with and pages they visited, where the friction points were to cause drop off, and which funnels led to conversions.

After analyzing the data, Pineapple Digital discovered that “Homepage to Free Trial” was the highest producing conversion funnel on the website and even then, yet it was only converting at a rate of 4%. We hypothesized that the website content did not specifically address the pain points and objectives of the two very different target audiences: System Integrators and Technology Directors.

As a result, we recommended creating two new landing or “pillar pages” with curated, SEO-optimized content that spoke directly to each persona and led them through customized conversion funnels to free trial based on their needs. We revamped the main navigation to consolidate content choices and direct users to “self-select” content that was designed specifically for them. We also revamped the Homepage to maximize messaging above the fold and encourage users to move further down the page with more engaging content.


Lead Generation

  • Since our work with System Surveyor began in October 2022, free trials have grown nearly 70% per month through April 2024.
  • In just two months, the new landing pages for System Integrators and Technology Directors resulted in free trial conversion rates of 31% and 24% compared to 4% for the Homepage. Overall, free trials have increased 13% vs. prior to implementation of the new landing pages. 


“When we started the company almost eight years ago, there were very few people searching for a solution that would lead them to System Surveyor. The software category simply did not exist. A few years later when we engaged Pineapple Digital, we were seeing enough traction in the category to take the next step. The Pineapple Digital team understood the building blocks and has helped us with a consistent, data-driven approach every step of the way. I like how we work as a team to measure, adjust, and refine. They have been a great partner and stay on top of the latest digital marketing changes.”

-Maureen Carlson, Co-Founder & VP of Growth