Content Marketing

Content is the Queen

of Every Great Website

Website Content is the Whole Enchilada

A great Mexican lunch delivers many layers of tastes and textures to result in the best culinary experience. A website’s content is similar in that many levels and variables deliver the best results.

Web content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and to drive profitable customer actions.

Smart marketers feed fresh content to their website regularly. Top brands use online content like blog posts, videos, and newsletters to stimulate interest and achieve broader business goals. Web pages should also be consistently optimized for improved ranking on search engines.

What Do You Want Your Web Users to Do?

Every website is different. That’s why every business needs strategic web content planning to design around brand messaging goals and user functionality.

What do you want your web users to know? What do you want them to do? Those are the questions we ask and answer to optimize any site for more conversions.

The Right Message

Your web content should speak to your potential customer’s real-world problems.

Present authentic solutions to solve those problems in your brand voice, speaking directly to those you are supporting with products or services.

Problems and solutions are what people look for when they search.

Building quality content around key search behavior increases your visibility in those search engines.

The Right Audience

The best bait to attract the right audience is a well-designed website with strategic, quality content written specifically for your business.

Our expert subject matter experts write using the latest SEO technology to test content for best results.

We have a customer journey analytic tool to show where the user roadblocks are and helps us remove those for better conversions.

The Right Places

Your content needs to be where your target audience is, and in multiple places.

No one spends all their online time in one place.

Let us help you discover where your best prospects are browsing – online, email, social, and other platforms.

Pineapple Digital has content automation tools that can deliver your blog posts to multiple social media platforms at once.

Content for the Customer’s Journey

It’s All in the Timing

Timing matters! Get promotional too soon, and you’ll shipwreck your chances of earning a new customer. But fail to be promotional when the time is right, and you’ll miss your opportunity.

Everyone is on a different stage of in their customer or informational journey.

They become aware of a problem they want to fix. They search Google to find out more about it.

They look for potential solutions.

They’re comparing different options to narrow it down to the right one for their unique needs.

They get the product/service and then decide if they like the experience you’ve built around it. Will they stay and buy again? Buy more?

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