Increasing B2B Leads for Education SaaS Company



Beanstack is a reading motivation platform that helps public libraries, schools, and school districts grow their reading culture and motivate readers to read more. The flagship product of Zoobean Inc., Beanstack is licensed by over 10,000 customers around the world. Beanstack’s number one goal as a company was growth. For their marketing team, that meant increasing the number of leads and conversions to support their sales team in closing new business. They have stated, “Our website is one of our top lead drivers, so ensuring we remain focused on industry best practices is imperative to meet our increased lead predictions.”

Additionally, because they are in a highly competitive ed tech space, it was important for them to improve visibility online in order to capture the attention of ideal customers and increase market share. Their overarching goals for growth, greater lead generation, and increased brand awareness led them to partner with Pineapple Digital in April 2022.


Working with Beanstack, Pineapple Digital was able to grow website traffic exponentially year over year, increase sales leads overall, boost visibility online, and grow the number of relevant keywords that Beanstack ranks for overall, especially on page 1 of search results. When their new site launched in August 2022, SEO was prioritized, and they didn’t experience a dip in traffic.

Key action items included:

  • Writing and implementing a new site structure with updated meta titles and descriptions.
  • Optimizing existing site pages to align with high priority keywords.
  • Building a new landing page for a specific target market.
  • Creating keyword-rich SEO content for an effective blog strategy.
  • Running impactful LinkedIn and Google Ad campaigns.
  • Utilizing geofencing to increase visibility during conferences attended by Beanstack.


The web growth Beanstack experienced has solidified their need to prioritize digital efforts. Beanstack has stated, “We’re extremely satisfied with the success we’ve seen so far. As we continue to optimize our efforts, I look forward to working with Pineapple Digital to pivot our strategy to meet the needs of our buyers and customers.” They have also stated, “Direct and organic traffic continues to be a steady source of leads for our sales team. It’s extremely important that we have a pulse on the digital landscape, so we are best positioned to meet our goals. We are gaining deeper insights into what our ideal customers are interested in, which helps inform our digital marketing and content strategy.” Overall, the impact of SEO is evident to their team, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to work towards further growth.

Digital Website Results to Date – April 2022 to April 2023
  • Grew number of ranking keywords from 1,909 to 5,967, a 207% increase since the start of work./li>
  • Increased growth in the number of sessions the website brought in:
    • There have been 1.23m sessions for all traffic and 494k sessions for organic traffic since the start of work.
    • When comparing April 2022 to April 2023, we increased overall sessions by 176% and organic traffic by 27%.
  • Grew the number of clicks and impressions organically:
    • There have been 429k clicks and 2.71m impressions since the start of work.
  • When comparing April 2022 to April 2023, there has been an increase of 26% in clicks and 160% in impressions.
  • Since the start of work, there were approximately 2,228 organic quote requests.
  • Created a wide variety of blog posts to increase keyword rankings and capture more traffic. Many blogs rank for hundreds of relevant keywords, regularly bring in traffic each month, and have helped Google recognize Beanstack as an authority in the space.
  • Google Ads:
  • Over 1 million impressions
  • Average CTR of 4.90%


“Pineapple Digital is an outstanding partner! We’ve been working with Lee and the team for nearly a year. They supported our new website launch, ongoing SEO and paid search efforts, and other paid digital and social campaigns. They’re a highly collaborative team and regularly propose and test new ideas and are willing to pivot. We also love the monthly stat reports/presentations! Looking forward to the road ahead!”

-Kelly Burke, Marketing Director