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Email Marketing

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Every day, over 4 million people send and receive emails. And mobile users prefer permission-based email over any other method brands use to reach customers. Of course, you must combine email marketing with other strategies to build a high-value permission-based list. But it is well worth your while.

Email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. It blows the ROI of every other marketing method (digital, traditional, and guerilla) out of the water. Analysts estimate email alone generates over $10 billion in sales for businesses like yours every year.

Email strategy and audit

Making over $30 for just $1 sounds like a dream come true. But to get there, you need the right email marketing strategy to:

  • Build a permission-based email list filled with people who want what you have
  • Deliver highly relevant email content at the right frequency to keep them engaged and subscribed
  • Leverage that engagement to meet conversion KPIs

An email audit can tell you how well your current email marketing is performing in these regards. It can pinpoint the areas you can improve to skyrocket email performance.

Email Campaign Management

Email campaign management involves managing day-to-day emails. You’ll then test, analyze, and optimize to continually improve your rate of success.

When surveyed, email marketers named email automation (71%), email segmentation (78%), and email personalization (72%) as the three most important methods to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.

  • Email automation – Using specialized technology to automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error rates, achieve perfect timing, and enhance user experience.
  • Email segmentation – Dividing subscribers into groups based on demographics and behaviors to deliver up the most relevant content to each group.
  • Email personalization – Personalizing emails to adapt to the individual, their past behaviors, and where they are on the customer journey to further enhance the relevance of content they see.

Crush your KPIs and grow your business by testing, analyzing, and optimizing these 3 aspects of your email marketing.

50% of people buy something they saw in an email every month. Imagine if every one of your email subscribers decided that this month, they would buy from you.

Email Content Creation

You won’t get far with email if you’re not consistently creating high-value content that your email subscribers find useful.

81% of marketers say newsletter content is the way to go. Newsletters often include embedded content. But you can also direct subscribers back to your website to view more content like blog posts, videos, interactive content, and special offers.

This content is specifically designed to nurture subscribers through the customer journey. Turn a lukewarm lead into hot, hot, hot. Turn existing customers into repeat customers, who also tell all their friends.

To accomplish this, you must learn who your audience is and what types of content meet these goals. Test, analyze, and optimize.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the rate at which you can deliver emails to your subscriber’s inboxes. This may sound like a no-brainer. But the modern email platform is a minefield for would-be advertisers.

If an individual subscriber doesn’t open your emails, the platform redirects future communications to the spam or junk folder. But what’s worse, they look at open rates across subscribers to flag potential spammers.

Are you a spammer and didn’t know it?

If you’re not actively paying attention to managing email to improve performance, you could find yourself in the doghouse with many of the most important email platforms.

Factors like relevance, frequency and subscriber list quality all impact deliverability. Your big secret to success here is, you guessed it, automation, segmentation, personalization, testing, analytics, and optimization.

At Pineapple Digital, we can help you put together email campaigns to foster engagement and customer loyalty. Contact us to learn more!