The Center Oregon

Gaining Ground as a Trusted Healthcare Partner



After evaluating the competitive market, Pineapple Digital determined there was ample room to surpass their competition in search ranking positions and be viewed as “the trusted leader” in all things orthopedic for Central Oregon.


Pineapple Digital implemented a new website structure with the proper meta data and worked with The Center’s marketing team to create keyword-rich SEO content and a blog content strategy for the website. Adding Google paid search and display ads, Pineapple Digital exceeded The Center’s website traffic goals every month and they now rank #1 for nearly every relevant keyword.


Year 1 Results

  • Increased overall traffic 67%. Increased organic traffic by 76%.

Year 4 Results

  • Overall traffic increased by 1,088% (94,998 vs. 1,128,668).
  • Yearly organic traffic increased by 1,241% (70,809 vs. 949,773).
  • They are now considered a worldwide trusted resource and rank along with the Mayo Clinic for orthopedic conditions in search results.