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Digital Marketing AI

Who’s Really Visiting Your Site?

Capture Anonymous Website Visitors with Revealr AI 

Experience a game-changing, full-circle digital marketing approach with our Revealr AI system. This dynamic marketing tool identifies anonymous website visitors who are browsing your site, captures them, and feeds them into a whole new uplevel platform of digital marketing campaigns.

With Pineapple Digital’s proprietary Revealr AI web visitor tracking system, you’ll get the most conversion opportunities of anything you do. It’s revolutionary for your business growth strategy and with this program, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in sales.

Marketing at a Whole New Level

How Does Marketing AI Work?

Revealr AI uses proprietary web tracking code that identifies the real people visiting your website and merges that data with over 750M public data points to discover detailed personal information on over 70% of your website users. With this tool, we uncover your visitors’ email addresses, names, phone numbers, and company information.

This valuable cache of data is plugged into next level marketing campaigns, to take your lead generation efforts up ten-fold.

This ground-breaking Revealr AI tool provides new generation intelligence that enables personalized messaging that’s relevant and motivating to segmented leads, encouraging them to engage and act.

Revealr AI is when digital marketing marries artificial intelligence and has quintuplets – five times the power of one.


Expand Your Best Leads in an Efficient, Ethical Way

What does this mean for your business?

In simple terms, we can see who’s on your site and on what pages they’re spending their time. It allows us to create personalized digital marketing campaigns based on what they’re interested in when visiting your site. We can add in “lookalike propects”, retargeting campaigns, and dramatically expand your lead generation with custom messaging.

Personalized Multi-Platform Marketing Solutions dramatically increase your return on ad investments: Email, Text Messages, Google Ads, Social Ads, Web Display Ads, Content Marketing

How is your privacy and security protected?

At Pineapple Digital AI, we prioritize the privacy and security of your communications, ensuring that our platform is fully GDPR-compliant. You’ll safely send personalized emails and texts to your target audience with confidence, knowing that our state-of-the-art technology adheres to the highest data protection standards. With Pineapple Digital Revealr AI, you can engage your audience through personalized, secure, and legally compliant interactions, transforming your website traffic into valuable sales leads, conversions and revenue growth.

The Digital Marketing Secret Sauce

Strategy and Science Merge Data with Artificial Intelligence

With experienced sales and brand strategists at Pineapple Digital, you’ll reap the benefits.

Capture anonymous website visitors and buying intent

Discover information about your prospects (public email, name, phone, company, job titles)

Optimize trigger marketing campaigns (prequalify, remarket, offer customized messages)

Grow prospect pipeline with lookalikes (expand market lists)