ALSO Case Study


Advocates for Life Skills and Opportunities (ALSO) is a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon that provides support services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With goals to increase brand awareness, boost website traffic, improve engagement, and drive job applications, ALSO partnered with Pineapple Digital in December 2021.


Through expert SEO and paid advertising techniques, Pineapple Digital was able to grow website traffic exponentially year over year, increase goal conversions organically and through Google Ads, and expand the number of relevant keywords that ALSO ranks for overall, especially on page 1 of search results.

Key action items included:

  • Writing and implementing a new site structure with updated meta titles and descriptions.
  • Optimizing all main pages on the site.
  • Designing and developing location landing pages for service areas.
  • Creating keyword-rich SEO content for an overarching blog strategy.
  • Running impactful Google Ad campaigns.


There was a major impact both externally and internally for ALSO. Externally, through web growth, they have gained recognition and respect within their industry, building authority with Google. Internally, ALSO is even more proud of who they are and is happy with their digital success. They are excited to share their website with others and are able to present the site easily. For the future, they have said “SEO is a tool that we can’t ever go back and not use. It is an important part of the tools we need to succeed going forward.”

Results to Date – Feb 2022 to April 2023

  • Grew number of ranking keywords from 251 to 1,401, a 458% increase since the start of work.
  • Accelerated growth in the number of sessions the website brought in:
    • There have been 96,943 sessions for all traffic and 24,532 sessions for organic traffic since the start of work.
    • When comparing the specified time frame to the prior period, we increased overall sessions by 127% and organic traffic by 239%.
  • Decreased bounce rate for all traffic by 32% and organic traffic by 13%.
  • Increased the number of clicks and impressions organically:
    • There have been 13.3k clicks and 726k impressions since the start of work.

    • When comparing Feb 2022 to April 2023, there has been an increase of 504% in clicks and 545% in impressions.

  • Since the start of work, there were 32,284 goal completions for all traffic, and 11,911 goal completions for organic traffic.
  • Created a wide variety of blog posts to increase keyword rankings and capture more traffic. Many blogs rank for hundreds of relevant keywords, regularly bring in traffic each month, and have helped Google recognize ALSO as an authority in the space.

ALSO Google Ads Grant

In December 2021, the Pineapple Digital Team helped ALSO get approved for Google Grants for their marketing.  Google awards non-profits $10,000 per month of free advertising. Once approved, we started running campaigns in Google Ads to achieve the following goals:

  • Drive awareness with branded ads.
  • Educate with the ALSO blog posts.
  • Bring awareness to their services.
  • Drive traffic to donations.
  • Get workforce leads.

In less than one year’s time, we were able to achieve the following results:

  • Drive 31,600 new visits to the site with 544,000 impressions.
  • Bring in 63 conversions and donations.
  • Spend $82,700 of Google’s free grant money.
  • Meet all of Google’s strict requirements to maintain the grant.


“One of ALSO’s strategic initiatives is to be a vital community resource for the people and families we support. Pineapple Digital has been an integral component in helping us achieve this initiative. It is making a massive difference in the lives of people we support and people looking for disability support and services. Their work on developing a new professional website, blog article development reaching thousands of people, giant leaps in our SEO presence, and implementing the Google Ad Words grant was originally a side project to gain more visibility but has become an integral part of our day-to-day business development. To top it off, Pineapple Digital’s whole team is engaging, friendly, dedicated, and professional.”

-Sarah Cinquini, Stewardship Director

“I cannot say enough positive things about Pineapple Digital. Advocates for Life Skills and Opportunity provides support services for people with disabilities and their families, as a nonprofit we rely heavily on our website to connect with our community.

Since partnering with Pineapple Digital, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks to their efforts, we have seen an impressive increase in traffic to our website and a substantial improvement in the awareness of our nonprofit. Additionally, we now have a phenomenal website, full of resources for our community to utilize, i.e. a wide variety of blogs and resource pages.

But what really sets Pineapple Digital apart for me, is the care and compassion they bring to their work. From the very beginning, the team showed genuine interest in our mission and took the time to learn about our organization’s unique needs and challenges. They went above and beyond to take the time to explain everything they were doing, as well as answering the many questions we had about the process. Their enthusiasm for our success was evident in every interaction we had with them. We are so grateful for their help in spreading awareness about our organization.

I highly recommend Pineapple Digital to any nonprofit looking to improve its online presence.”

-Lindsay Meadows, Administrative and Events Manager